Airtable <> Content Collection sync

Does the EditorX Content Collections have an API to create/update a record each time I create/update record in Airtable?

Use case:
My database single source of truth in maintained in Airtable. Now I want to use Airtable automations to create or update a record in my EditorX Content Collection when I change create or update a record in Airtable.

Either Airtable triggers a webhook in Zapier that sends a POST/PUT request with JSON to EditorX Content Collection, or maybe this even works without the use of Zapier in between?

Does anyone realised this or something similar?

PS - Is there a good source for Velo snippets for real life uses cases to close the gaps EditorX and Velo Documentation have.
If not, anyone interested in building a little database with these snippets? I mean there a dozens of use cases that are low-brainer and probably easy to solve with some lines of code. Feel free to hit me up on this use-case snippet database project.