Any IDE for Velo? (Or still no IDE for Velo)

Is there any way to code in a different IDE (editor)? If you guys know something about that or are there any updates?

Currently, I’m coding in VSCode and copy-paste from there but I can’t use autocomplete or I can’t test my code basically can’t code from VSCode directly I’m wondering any of Wix Developers would want to use Wix Velo Editor (probably not while they can use VSCode or similar software to code and debug) so why we must use it please Wix do something about this Editor issue.

Why I want to code in VSCode:

  • Git and Github feature to collaborate easily.

  • Better UI/UX colour settings and more.

even these two feature are enough alone I guess :slight_smile:


Hi @loeix ,
Good timing! The Velo team is currently looking into this. I’ll report back as soon as there are any updates I can share.

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@loeix Would you be interested in speaking with one of our product managers about this? If so, I’ll share your email with them and they’ll contact you in a few weeks. Thanks!


Of course!

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@loeix Great! Thank you.

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There has been one attempt at this already with mixed results. This was killed off earlier this year.

@marlowe-shaeffer is this a new “looking into it” :wink: ?

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Following the progress here…

Hi @stevesoftwareservice !
Yes it is! New and improved. If you’d also like the chance to get a sneak peek at what we’re working on, let me know.


If you need a alpha/beta tester, I’d be happy to help.

Happy to give feedback vs the first version.


The current online Wix editor feels like Monaco, which is what VS Code is built on. Surely, an extension of the current editor (or of VS Code) that you speak of about can’t be too far off.

Would love to be able to develop locally and have a more robust versioning system too. If there’s gonna be a beta, count me in!


Joining the club and following this post.

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Following this as well - I have to imagine the difficult part would be deploying/pulling the code directly from the IDE using something like git - not experienced enough in Velo to comment on that, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any git integration built into Velo. Would love to try a beta of this

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Yes, external IDE support would be very, very welcome.

Hi @marlowe-shaeffer !

I’d love to get a sneak peek at what is being worked regarding this topic. Thank you :slight_smile:

@loeix Any news? Is it still a viable project or has it been killed off? :slight_smile:

They are creating something for Editor X it’s in development but I don’t have any idea about classic editor I don’t think they will rollout these things soon you need to wait at least 6 months I have never seen any update created quickly and published by wix so just forget this xd

Hi @loeix @neilbaldwin , we will soon open a closed beta of this product on EditorX, if you wish to take part in it please let me know

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Hi @stcroppe @agency , we will soon open a closed beta of this product on EditorX, if you wish to take part in it please let me know

It would be very good for me because I will transfer my site to Editor X soon in few months still waiting few element updates. You can use this mail.