Aramex API integration

I have an e-commerce site. I need to add aramex API to calculate the shipping rate and track other shipping stuffs. I am using ecwid online store and “telr” payment gateway. I have got the files from Aramex… but I am clueless where and how to integrate API… please assist me on this

You will need to read about how to access 3rd party services in the article Wix Code: How to Access 3rd-Party Services with the Fetch API .

Take a look at the Advanced examples , many of them access 3rd party services. A couple of good examples to start with are: Example: Using the Places API from Google Maps services and Example: Send email with the SendGrid REST interface .

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I can understand your example. But as i mentioned before Our site is wix site and there we use “ecwid” app for online store… We use “telr” as payment gateway… I want to use Aramex API inorder to calculate the shipping rate and shipping details.

I am wondering how to integrate the API in ecwid app… As it does not allow to edit it checkout page by coding, I am confused how to add the shipping details to aramex API…

Ecwid provide some courier services by default in its shipment configuration page. But Aramex is not included in that. below is the link of shipment options provided by Ecwid.

@shafyhalf The links I provided are for Wix Sites. However, the ecwid app is not a Wix product. You will need to contact ECWID for more information on their app and how to achieve what you want.

hello sir,
i need to know if i can connect Aramex to my cart page ? so i make customer ship their goods with Aramex shipping company
please if you can help me out i need a video just to show how to do it

For questions that are not related to code you can contact the Wix support team . You’ll get better help for your problem there.

sir i think it’s related to code …
i read about it and i figure that there is something called api and i must implement it on my site to make it work …
do you have any idea or video to help
thank you very much

See the following articles for infomation:

And here are some examples where you can see code that interfaces with an external API. You can load the examples in your Editor, play with them, learn, and apply to your own site and specific API that you are interested in using:

Expose and Access Site APIs
Use MyApi and MyApiClient to expose and access external APIs.

Send Email with SendGrid NPM Interface
Send an email using the SendGrid NPM library.

Send Email with SendGrid REST Interface
Send an email using the SendGrid REST API.

Stripe Payment Processing
Integrate the Stripe Payment processing system into a site. Three levels of user access are demonstrated: visitor, freemium (registered), and premium (paid).

Please note that in this forum we do not provide custom coding solutions. If you feel like you’re struggling with code and can’t make it alone, please visit our WixArena where you can find pro designers and developers to help you build your site.

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thank you very much i appreciate that <3

It’s work with u ?

We are doing the same thing exactly
Connecting wix to telr with ECWID and we would also like to connect aramex to wix
Did you do it at the end?