Are custom repeaters possible?

Is it possible to set a group of elements to repeat itself as the pre-made repeaters would?

If so, how does one go about such a feat? The code resources’ clarity on repeater-related coding is…somewhat lacking.

Add a repeater and drag the components you want onto it (you can delete components that were added from the preset, if you don’t need them).

My product .csv fields are different than the wix store .csv fields. Therefore I am creating a repeater flow that is connected to a custom database.

The problem I am having is connecting the Add To Cart button to the store database since the repeater is connected to the custom dataset. I created a copy of the product database to the store database with the required wix .csv format.
Is there a way to add an “Add To Cart” button that syncs up with the right item at the store while my repeater is connected to the custom database?
I know there is an “Add To Cart” button I can add from the store tools but the inventory is 250 items. The Add To Cart button won’t repeat in the repeater and has to be added individually and edited each time.
Please advice.

You can add a regular button and write code in its onClick handler that uses the addToCart API to add the relevant product (by ID) to the cart

I see. Thank you.

Hey all, Is there any way to write the custom element and pass the data through repeater to custom element?

@sepideh-khadempir This thread is very old. Please open a new (separate) post and add details to your question (It is not clear enough right now)

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Just to reply this old question → YES POSSIBLE !