Are there any prerequisites to post a question in this forum?


Just wondering if there are any prerequisites to post in this forum? I have read the guidelines (Guidelines for Posting to the Velo Forum | Help Center |, but I have posted two questions that get deleted for some reason:


Hi, thanks for asking this question!
Your questions may have been deleted by our automated spam engine if it suspected spam, or moved by a moderator to a more appropriate category (although I can’t find them…). Our moderators do not delete posts unless it includes spam.

The Velo Pro Discussion category is a space for advanced users to chat about technical topics. This is not where general questions belong. Please use the Coding with Velo category for any questions about JS libraries or code failing to execute

And per the guidelines, make sure your post includes a good title about the problem, a description of the issue and what you’ve already tried to do to solve it, and any relevant screenshots and code. The more information you provide upfront, the easier and more efficient it will be for other users to assist.

Please try posting your questions again, and hopefully it will work this time.


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Hey! Thanks for the reply.

I tried it again and it does seem to be getting flagged as spam, this third time also got deleted shortly after posting it:

Here are screenshots of the post itself. I tried changing ‘script’ to ‘scriptTAG’ to avoid getting flagged as spam by looks like that didn’t work :sweat_smile:. Is there by any chance anything you would suggest I change?

Thanks for sharing. I’ve passed it along to Yisrael, who manages the spam engine. He should reply tomorrow. I’m sorry that this is happening!

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Hi again,
I got some information from Yisrael. Unfortunately, the spam engine sometimes thinks that code (or other strings) might be URLs—for example, file.js,, and other such stuff—and new members aren’t allowed to post URLs (spam risk).

Since you’re a new member, it flags your post as spam because of these strings. Once you’ve been a Forum member for 7 days, you’ll be able to post without issue. So you can either try to post again with this in mind, or wait a few more days until you can post URLs. Thanks for your patience!

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