Assign Superscript to Text?

I have a body of text that uses the product trademark and I need to put the routine “TM” in superscript after the name. In standard web code that would be one of the simplest things to do, as a CSS inline style or simple tags. I can’t find any way to do that in Editor X. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @cayce ,

Currently subscript nor superscripts are supported in Editor X and I will forward this feedback to the team.

However, I was able to add TM to a line of text and it looks like a subscript using Alt-Code (Alt+0153) and it works fine. It even scales responsively and adjusts to the fonts so hope that helps.

Am I finding out here that this environment I’ve invested well over a thousand dollars worth of time into so far is so primitive, such a newbie on the scene, that there’s no way to put an inline tag in the text? From all the promos I’ve seen, most users are business sites. Trademark and copyright symbols are two of the most commonly used elements on business sites, and there’s no way to do that here that will guarantee correct display in a browser, that the closest we can get is Alt+0153? Apparently there’s also no way to set margins between paragraphs, yet another easy thing to do with an inline style.

I think I’ve just discovered I’m totally in the wrong place… what a waste of time and money.

Very fair criticism @cayce and will bring up the inline styles as well. Have there been other features you have wanted to see or use and have not been able to?