Badges vs Labels

I am not understanding the need for both badges and labels. Couldn’t just one serve the purpose of organizing and assigning roles, etc.? For example, when a contact is created a label can be assigned. Why can’t that label be the primary way of filtering, assigning roles, etc when that contact becomes a member? Why did badges seem to replace labels once they are a member? I am sure there is a reason why contacts have labels as their primary way of grouping and members use badges for grouping and permissions but I don’t get it. Can someone help me understand? Until I understand this I feel I am misusing or ineffectively using the labeling and assignment system in Wix’s/Ascend’s CRM.

Why it matters to me-> Users access and engage with my site first as contacts. They get labeled for communication and ID purposes. When they later become members I have to assign them badges mainly because I want their badge (aka label) to show to other members and so I can find them as a group on the app by badge (but their original contact label would have worked if it was visible on the app, etc.).

I am looking into coding that will assign badges (that match their labels) when contacts become members but I can’t help but wonder I am patching something that is being misused in the first place?

Hello. Let me see if I can clear up any of the confusion.

Labels are for contact management for you (the business) and intended as a way to group certain relationships. Labels are not a public facing part of the UX, but are a business tool.

Badges are front end facing and more part of the overall user experience. They can be used in a variety of ways for example gamification, user levels, or content gating based on a badge. They are also public to other members. I can see your badges and you can see mine.

Badges and labels do not have an inherent relationship.

Contact Labels

About Member Badges

Does this help clear up the use cases?

@amandam this is very helpful. Thank you. If labels were accessible in the Wix Owner app I think my work around would be much easier. Maybe that is an option in the future?

@tdb7942 I’m not sure if this is in the works or not, but the best way to request a new feature to the owners app would be to contact Customer Care. There is an option to use the chat bot so you don’t actually have to call.

I’m not familiar enough with the owners app to offer more sadly, but they can definitely answer that for you in CC.

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