Best way to display/add articles (PNGs)?

Hi! I’m a writer looking to migrate my writing portfolio to Editor X - only, I’m unsure what would be the best and quickest way to add / display articles nicely. (Articles are mainly PDF/ PNG.) Ideally, I guess I would create a pop-up window for each article. Am I supposed to look at Lightboxes, Repeaters or Blog articles?

(I should mention it’s 10 years’ worth of work I have to go through, so the simplest solution possible would be ideal.)

Many thanks in advance!

The best mechanism depends quite a bit on the nature of your articles, I think. For example, are they text only or do you include a lot of images or other graphics? Are they long or short? Do they require a lot of formatting?

Certainly blog posts offer you a terrific amount of flexibility in formatting, so that’s one option.

However, using dynamic pages with repeaters would be simpler and would make the task of building your pages a lot easier, if you can use a more standardized structure.

Pop-up windows don’t seem like a good idea, but maybe I don’t understand what you mean.

Can you point to any websites as examples of what you want to do?

Here are a couple of sites we’ve done recently that are heavily based on articles. In each case, the articles are dynamic pages and our ‘table of contents’ is a repeater that shows a title, some teaser text, and, in one case, an image for each article.

Do either of these look anything like what you want to accomplish?

The stories listed on the home page of the following site (LNF Weekly) are displayed with repeaters. Also look at the ‘archive’ page of this site for a cleaner example of a repeater that provides an index of stories.

This next site uses a repeater on the home page to list stories that appear on dynamic pages:

In both cases, we received the stories as a mix of PDF and Word documents. Moving them to the website involved some cutting and pasting and clean-up editing.

If these look like what you want to do, I can explain more about how to do it. If they’re not what you have in mind, can you explain how these differ from what you envision?

Hey Jim,

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer so thoroughly! :pray:t3:

So basically, most of my articles are clipped in full and saved either as PNG/PDFs. Ideally I guess I would like to display a clean main image + title and short intro, and when you click on it, it either expands or navigates to the clipped article PNG, if that makes sense? Saves me having to edit any existing copy/create ‘new’ articles with old content.

My current portfolio has a very simple grid gallery, and when you click on any of the tiles it expands to show the content file (in this case a PNG) - like so (left is the tile, right is the expanded article.)

Not sure if that makes sense? :see_no_evil:

I have to admit that I’m struggling with the concept of displaying ‘articles’ as images, but I’m guessing you’re trying to show your writing in context as it was used / published and therefore want to show a screenshot of that context rather than just your writing.

If indeed each article is an image (forgetting the PDFs for a minute), a photo gallery might work.

However, I lean toward a repeater connecting to a dynamic page that displays the image. That page could then also include any useful commentary about the image. Something like we’ve done with these pieces of art. Both pages open from repeaters on other ‘index’ pages.

Are there other people lurking here with ideas for CC?

As an additional note: With this approach you could mark certain items as ‘featured’ and, optionally…

  • sort them to the top of any repeater display
  • add a visual ‘flag’ to the repeater item, identifying it as featured
  • create a special repeater gallery just for the featured articles
  • On the item page for featured items, add commentary that helps ‘sell’ it – hey, you’re a copywriter, right? :wink: