Beta Opened: reCaptcha Element!

You can now add a Google reCAPTCHA element to help prevent spam and other types of automated abuse.
It’s now possible to prompt site visitors to complete a CAPTCHA challenge before they can perform certain actions on your site, like submitting a form, logging into your site, or viewing restricted content.


Where can we find this element

Some reference material:

  • Read about the reCAPTCHA Element here

  • Check out the Code Tutorial here

  • Play with an example website here , or check out its actual code here (you will need to be logged into your Wix account)

We will post the full API documentation in the upcoming days.

That’s it, have a blast!
And of course, I’m here if you have any questions :slight_smile:


It’s opened now :slight_smile:

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@brett-haralson It is open.
@roberthamilton Please find it under User Inputs. If you don’t see it there, try refreshing your Editor.

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Hi Eyal,

This is great! :blush: I have messaged you…

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@eyalc @brett-haralson , thank you both!! :smiley:

API documentation is now available:

As always, feedback is more than welcome!

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Nice! And working with it brought me to the following suggestion: Could you maybe add show() and hide() to the element. I guess it makes sense to hide the Captcha-element until the user hits the “subscribe-type-of-button”. The editor allows to hide the element on load, but this doesn’t make sense if you cannot show the element later on.

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@marcokooman Sorry for the very late response. It’s been the Hebrew New Year and many of us are out on vacation.

Sounds like a good idea. I see no reason not to add it. Will discuss with the team and get back to you.
What you can do in the meantime is put the Captcha element inside a Box (or a Lightbox) element and show/hide this box.

Where would you like the Captcha to appear? In a dedicated space you’re keeping for it? In a pop-over? Or would you like it to expand/collapse rather than show/hide and therefore push the rest of the content down the page?

@eyalc No problem, thanks for replying. Appreciate it. In my use-case I’d prefer to simply put it on the screen and hide or collapse it during load. When the user hits a “subscribe-type-of-button” on the screen, I’d like to show or expand the Captcha. I prefer show/expand over a lightbox/pop-over as show/expand is a bit quicker/leaner and creates a smoother user experience.

@marcokooman Thanks! Will update as soon as I can confirm this is in progress.

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@marcokooman Just to make sure I understand the flow:

  1. The Submit button is not disabled. Visitor fills in required information and clicks it.
  2. You show/expand a Captcha and disable the Submit button(?)
  3. Once the visitor passes the Captcha you enable the button again? Or do you move on to submit the content automatically?



  1. Yes, submit button is enabled, the Captcha is not visible (to not spook the user on submitting)
  2. Yes, when submitting the Captcha becomes visible & active, the submit button is disabled
  3. Yes, on passing the Capcha, the Captcha hides/collapses. The subscription is being processed and registered/saved. The submit button is being enabled again for a potential next subscription

(My use case aims to submit for search alerts, meaning one visitor can subscribe multiple times. e.g. 1st time with search-word “A” 2nd time with search-word “B”. However when being able to enable/disable the button and showing/hiding the Captcha, a variety of opportunities become possible)

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This may be a moot comment but I dislike the look of the standard CAPTCHA however I feel it is needed. I ended up using Mailchimp for one of my landing pages but I would much prefer finding a way to use Wix but with a similar CAPTCHA my landing page shows here on the bottom right side of the page -


Feedback is never moot! Thanks for sharing this, the product team appreciates it!

@sylview This is excellent feedback, thanks for sharing! Indeed we are considering a follow-up release that will support Invisible reCAPTCHA. I’ll keep you posted.


Hi @marcokooman ,
Just an update that we’ve added HiddenCollapsedMixin to Captcha, so now you can use show/hide & expand/collapse.
We also added a Hide Element button for it in the Mobile Editor.

Any additional feedback is always welcome. Thanks!


@eyalc thank you for the update!

@eyalc - checking to see if the update is available yet.