BETA Unlocked: Access your Post Page for existing Blogs!

Good day everyone, we’re back with another exciting beta release!

You will now be able to access the post page settings for your existing blogs. How you may be wondering?! Via the link in the post notifications or from the main tab in your blog app settings. Additional entry points will be added in the near future.

What can you do with the post page settings?!

  • Customize design and display.

  • Toggle off comments (and add a 3rd party comments app from the App Market).

  • Resize the post area and add sidebar elements (which you can also build with corvid).

From now on, the posts URL will start with “/post/…” , instead of “/blog/…”
Additionally, will automatically redirect all of your current URLs for you!

To access the beta, simply follow this link .

This is your chance to test this new feature and share your feedback with @maya-ekron , our amazing blog product manager! :blush:

Make sure you leave all feedback and questions in the comments section below! :arrow_heading_down:


Finally! I love this feature already. Although, it is still very limited since the pages aren’t responsive. We get a lot of traffic from tablets and they can’t see the stuff on the outside such as the writer’s bio, top posts feed, etc. I put it in between the lines but I had to made the post smaller and it was too small. I even dragged it to the site a bit but it was cutting off the edge of the comment section and recent posts for tablets.

Also, it would be great if the titles matched my site’s h2, h3, etc instead of just my h1. It does not look good.


Still not getting the feature.

Hi @shauryalalwani ,

What do you need help with?

I have several clients that are using a third party app for comments. This was already possible using HTML widgets in the post. However, when turning the Wix comments off it shows “Commenting is disabled on this post.” at the bottom of the post. This is very confusing for someone that likes to comment using the third part app. Would be nice if the “Commenting is disabled on this post.” wouldn’t be visible!

Hi @roberthamilton I am not getting the notification at the bottom left in editor for blog.

@maya-ekron We are getting a lot of 404 errors since switching over to using posts. On pages that have /blog/ and on pages that have /post/ as well.

Hi, thanks for the feedback.
We’ve started the rollout of design settings for the subtitles (H2, H3). It is currently open to all EN users. I think that is addressed your request :slight_smile:

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You can remove completely the built-in comments functionality from the blog via the post page settings. Here’s how:

  1. Open post page settings

  2. Click on Display tab

  3. Click on Comments & Recent Posts

  4. Toggle off the comments section

When you toggle off the comments section, is disappears from the UI completely - no message is presented anymore :slight_smile:
Let me know if you need any further help with it.


It is fine, you can navigate to the post page via the blog settings. Navigate to the blog page, open the settings, and on the main tab you’ll see a link to the post page.
Please let me know if you need any further help.

Hi, could you share with me some examples?
All of your urls should be automatically redirected to the new url.

@maya-ekron I just kind of happens randomly. And then I’ll refresh and it will go to the page. It will happen if I go directly to the post url or it could happen via the blog url that redirects to post. It is random but I also have a total of 8 hits on the 404 page since changing over (not including mine). Also, one has a tracking parameter so I know which page that one was supposed to go to,

The link to it is
but it went to the 404 page instead of going to .

@maya-ekron update, 7 went to /blog/404 and 1 went to /post/404

Hi @maya-ekron , can you share a screenshot where to find these H2, H3 design settings?

On the post page settings click on Design and then on Post. There you’ll find the heading design settings (T1 is H2 and T2 is H3):


Hi, we are investigating the issue, but it seems that it is not related the the new beta. I will update once I have any news.

So today I posted to facebook and I tested it to make sure it was correct link and I got the 404 page 10+ times until it finally worked. (On the facebook browser for Apple iPhone) Once it worked, I didnt get the 404 page.

The post is not new either.

I tried in safari and it took around 4 times until I didnt get 404.

I like this feature. Have found it useful. Thank you.


We’re very happy to hear Miriam! :slight_smile:

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Hi, the issue you described was not related to the post page. Are you still having this issue?