BETA Unlocked: Wix Blog AMP & Schema!

We have another amazing new Wix Blog beta JUST for you!

Wix Blog AMP and Schema support ! :star_struck:

With this beta, the following features are enabled:

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Increases your speed on mobile.

  • Schema: Boosts SEO by improving the way search engines read your blog information.

Amazing right?!

You know the drill! Click here to access the beta, test it out and give our amazing product manager @maya-ekron your feedback! :blush:


Wow! This is great!


Added this for a few of our recent clients. Appears to be working great!

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Awesome!! Thank you for sharing this with us Greg! :smiling_face:

Been testing this out for the team for a couple of weeks now and it’s working really well for us!


Thanks for the feedback Robert! :clap:t4:

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Already getting clicks from google (according to search console).

It would be awesome if the design of these pages was a little bit more like our sites (even better if we could customize it some) and also if we could add google analytics amp tracking and google amp ads. @maya-ekron

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@maya-ekron , I have a question about measuring the performance of the blog pages. As far as I know, the performance of pages using AMP cannot be measured using the default tracking code for Google Analytics. Is this something that Wix took care of? Important to know because if my clients see the performance going down due to this then I at least know that Google Analytics doesn’t show the true performance.

Regarding Schema, I do get two errors back in the Google Structured Data Testing Tool on all blog URLs that I tested so far. I guess this is a known issue?

Hi, thanks for reporting.
We will investigate this issue and will get back to you.

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Yes you are right, we will support google analytics amp tracking in the future.
Meanwhile, AMP pages are only visible and get visits from Google search, so you can look on how many clicks a blog post got from Google on the Google Search Console (clicks from both amp and non amp versions).

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I’m also seeing this error too!

@maya-ekron For the amp pages, search console is giving me this warning for my amp pages, Image size smaller than recommended size

Same here

I get the same warning for some blog pages, not all.

Thank you for the feedback, I’ve listed your requests :slight_smile:

@linda-lou Could you share URL examples of posts where you see this issue? and URL examples of posts where all is good?

@maya-ekron , sure!

This one has a warning “Image size smaller than recommended size”:

These ones have no warning at all:

From another site
These ones has a warning “Image size smaller than recommended size”:

These ones have no warning at all:

Let me know if you need more, I have other sites that have the same issue. All sites that have this issues have blogs that have been imported from the Old Blog to the New Blog. I don’t know if that may have anything to do with this. None of the sites that directly started with the New Blog have this, so far.

I’m overall super happy with both the AMP and Schema! Google is indexing more of the URLs every day and I hope to see that back in SERP soon.

Thank you! we will investigate and update

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All of our blog posts were made in the new wix blog and were not transferred. Here are the pages with amp warnings,

  1. (

  2. (

Those two have warning for image size smaller than recommended. I also want to add that is on there twice for some reason as if they were different pages.

The pages that are valid with no warning are (note we are using the post beta instead of blog) - (

hope this helps!