BETA Unlocked: Cheer Up Your Sites with Strip Shape Divider

We’re pleased to announce that Strip Shape Dividers are now available in the Wix Editor!

Use a Strip Shape Divider to flow from one section to the next, by adding this design element to the top or bottom of your strip’s background. Instead of a clear-cut line, add style and fun to your Strips.
(Currently available for Strips, soon for Sections as well)

Simply add a divider from the Strip Shape Divider panel or choose from Wix’s free Media catalog filled with hundreds of divider designs.
Can’t find what you want? you can also upload your own design (SVG file), for more information use these guidelines

All the things you can do with the new Shape Dividers:

  • Add a Shape Divider to the Strip’s Top, Bottom or to both!

  • Design its color & opacity, height and horizontal positioning

  • You can flip the Divider horizontally & invert it vertically

  • You can use the Layers Effect to add depth to your design

  • You can UPLOAD your own custom Shape Divider (An SVG file)

How to add Shape Dividers?
Open the Wix Editor > Add strip > Click the Shape Dividers icon > Choose between Top / Bottom > Add a Shape Divider from the panel presets or browse the media manager library

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The WOW team at Wix :boom::boom::boom:


Love it! It’s been a long time coming, but this is probably the most well thought out and complete feature release I have experienced! Well done.

One thing I have noted, is that when swapping the custom divider to a new divider, it resets the colour.

If the custom divider colour has been set, I would expect it to remain the same colour when I swap to a new custom divider


Thanks! This is a really big solution!!

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Hi @noahlovell ,

Thank you for your kind words, we are happy that you love it.

As for your great feedback- we are aware of it, this is a bug and we won’t release it before fixing it.

Please share other feedback and thoughts if you have any, our goal is that you will have the best possible experience.

I am having so much fun with this. Thank you!

No show on my end. Happy for those who have access. Oh well. Back to Illustrator.

Bring it to Editor X please!

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Hi, I don’t seem to have access yet to this beta. Most of the partners seem to have access- is it being rolled out slowly? (I’m a legend partner and am trying to use it on a site where I am an owner - I read that might be a criteria.) Would love to try it out and give feedback.

Hi @adih / @barakn ,

I think there is a bug, or it may be intended behaviour (if so, it is not well documented).

When connecting the strip, which has a divider, to data, it removes the divider, but the divider settings icon still shows (green) implying that the settings are still active. See video of the issue.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for updating us, we’re aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the final version that should be out soon.

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cool…is it coming to editor x?

How exciting! Long time coming… So happy with this! The adjustable margin feature needs to work, though. I’m sure you guys will get to that, right?

I’ve been waiting absolutely EONS for this - and I’m beyond THRILLED. Thank you thank you thank you!

Hi Paula,

Thanks for your feedback!

Can you elaborate what do you mean by ‘’ adjustable margin feature needs to work?‘’

With regular strips, you can add a margin/space on either side. But when I tried this with an svg strip the margin feature doesn’t work. I can’t do a screenshot, because now this new feature isn’t showing up on my new sites anymore. Did you guys take it off?

I loved the new strip feature, and I used it on two website. BUT, it came and disappeared, which really sucked because I can’t make any changes. I hope this feature will come back sooner rather than later.


They have paused the beta. If you have it on a current site it will stay but you can’t edit it. They are fixing the bugs.


I just used this on a site but as I see above it’s paused… however there are other updates I needed to make on the site, if I publish the changes, will the strip be messed up like it looks in the editor?

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nevermind I just tried it and it still looks good after publishing. Thanks for your work on this, I love it! Hope the option comes back to the editor soon, I want to use it on ALL THE SITES :slight_smile:

I’ve used it on a few of my sites and created some very nice effects. I await your return soon. Thank you…