Beta Unlocked: Mega Menu & Sub Sub menu items!

We’re happy to announce that Mega Menus & Sub Sub menu items are now available in the Wix Editor!

What is a Mega menu?
Mega menus are containers that you can add as an item to your horizontal menu*. Attach elements like buttons and text to the container, and set the color and width. When visitors hover over the item in your menu, the container opens.

With mega menus, you can create a fresh and unique design for your menus that will match the industry design standards.

*Note - Mega menus are currently available only for the new horizontal menus (not themed).

What are Sub Sub menu items?
Sub sub menus items are menu items nested inside of other menu items for creating an organized and straightforward navigation for your website.

How to add mega menus & sub sub menu items?
To add a mega menu & sub sub menu items you will need to set your menu as an Advanced Menu by following the steps in this tutorial .

Turn your menu into an Advanced Menu to get a whole new range of options for your site’s navigation:

  • Multiple menus: Display different menus across your site, choosing the pages and items for each one. By creating menus for specific purposes, you can decide where visitors should go next.

  • Dropdown submenus & sub sub menus items: Add a submenu to keep your main menu neat and organized. You can also create sub-sub-pages in order to streamline your site navigation further.

  • Mega menus: Add Mega menus containers to your horizontal menu and add items to for creating your unique design.

Once the menu is set as advanced manage your menu items in the menu manager panel and add mega menus by clicking “Add menu item” > “mega menu” -

To add elements to a mega menu

  • Click the ‘Add Elements’ plus button on the left side of the Editor.

  • Select the element type you want.

  • Click and drag your chosen element to the container.

To create a sub sub menu item, Open the menu manager and simply drag the items on top of each other -

As always, test it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! @ninag and the team look forward to your feedback.


@ninag This is really great - Thanks!


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We can’t set a height for container inside mega menu. It doesn’t work either by dragging or using tools.

The container doesn’t appear just underneath the menu where the subpages also appear on. It is opened in page or screen width on the middle of the screen. If you use menu on the most right side of the header, it still appears on the middle.

It would be great adding an overlay for mega menu container.

What an amazing new feature! :heart_eyes:
But I can’t access to this new feature in my editor. Is it normal? Thank you!

Hey @designkln Glad you liked it!
The Mega menu supported only in the new horizontal menus from this section:

Hey @velogenius , I would love to hear more about your experience in order to improve this feature. Would you be willing to provide feedback over a Zoom call?

Any plans on brining this to Editor X?


Hey Nina,

thank you for the good news.

Apparently, the new feature is not available to everyone. I have tried to add it in a German and in an English Wix Editor und I could not. The “Settings icon” does not show up.

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Hey @abdulaziz , Can you please share with me the website you are working on?

Yes! Coming soon on Editor X as well :slight_smile:


Hi @ninag ,

I am super happy to see these features finally! Specifically the Mega Menu. Thanks to you and the team’s efforts.

I do have some feedback though.

  1. It’s very limiting that we cannot design responsively using Strips & Columns on the Mega Menu container (which I believe is a strip).

  2. We need the ability to change the colour of the individual Mega Menu (containers) which we create. Again, tying this setting to the submenu colour of the menu is limiting our design freedom.

  3. On the layout settings panel, which allows us to change the vertical spacing of the container, I would love to see a setting which allows me to ‘snap the container to the bottom of the header’, which automagically calculates the px and sets it.

Thank you.

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So cool, customers have been waiting for this feature for so long! hihaaa

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Its a wery cool news!!
I love it!

will there be an adaptation for the phone? how will it work? will it work on multilingual websites?

Thank you for your response. This one for example:

I was able to see and add the mega menu on your website - can you please check if you are able to see it now? Thanks!

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Thank you @roberthamilton , This is a very valuable feedback! We will take it in to consideration in the next phases

@ninag I think there should be a free design option & preset layouts for us to fill with texts and images. I always take inspiration for and Take a look and maybe you can improve further the mega menu.