Beta Unlocked: Mobile Content manager

We’re thrilled to announce the ** new Mobile Content Manager beta** .

A lighter version of the desktop but still able to carry out all the essential content editing tasks, you can add, change, duplicate or delete existing collection content from the app on the go.
To try, subscribe to the Beta from the Partner Dashboard .

To access the Mobile Content Manager:

Keep in mind that the app is currently only available in English .
Please note we’re continually working on functionalities, so some are unavailable on mobile devices. For example, certain field types cannot be edited on mobile.

We’ll appreciate your feedback!

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This feature is a game changer for site management! But please work on it allowing to edit the paragraph type field! That is the only thing missing for it to be perfect and fully functional!

Thanks for sharing your feedback! Rich text will soon be available for editing on Mobile

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Thank you! For planning purposes, do you have an estimated range of time in which it will be available?

We plan to release this in a month, barring any unforeseen issues that may arise