Beta Unlocked: Share Link to Section/Anchor

We are excited to announce we are unlocking a highly requested feature in Wix - sharing a link to a specific section/anchor on a website page. This means that you will be able to create a link to a specific part of a webpage and share that link with others. When someone clicks on the link, they will be taken directly to the specific section/anchor of the webpage that the link refers to.

This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as sharing a specific section of a page with someone who may not want to read the entire page, or for directing someone to a specific part of a page that is relevant to a particular topic.

How to use it?

  1. Click on section name (on the purple box)

  2. Click on “Section URL”

  3. Choose a URL suffix

  4. Publish your site

  5. Copy/click “Go to URL”


  1. Click on anchor settings icon

  2. Click on “Anchor URL”

  3. Choose a URL suffix for the

  4. Publish your site

  5. Copy/click “Go to URL”

The sharing of sections/anchor URLs is not supported on application pages (Stores, Blogs, etc.), but it will be available in the near future.

Linking section/anchor with full URL:
The full URL can be reflected when linking by selecting “Web address” in the link panel. We will support the full URL display when linking through “Section or anchor” in the future.


@ozg Great feature for all Wix users, Thanks!

Happy to hear!

Absolutely amazing…much anticipated feature…thank you Wix!

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Kewl! Thank you!

Thank You Team WIX !!! Was waiting for this option :slight_smile:

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Nice !

I’m so excited about the new feature! I can now send client visitors to a specific section of the website with ease and without having to worry about technical issues. This feature will save us time and allow us to more effectively display content - thank you, Wix, for being so great!

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When will this feature be available to our customer’s Wix accounts?


Hello, we have started a gradual rollout. In a few weeks, it should be available to all Wix users.


@ozg @mordyo RE-DIRECTS? Could we see the ability to redirect a PAGE URL to an ANCHOR URL soon, please?

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Any idea when this feature will be added to Wix Studio? I absolutely love it and can’t imagine working with out it anymore. Was super bummed when I opened Wix Studio and discovered this capability wasn’t present there…

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@ash4dzyns This is a known request for Studio and it should appear on the roadmap soon! I am trying to get more information about its status. I’ll post an update once I do!


Awesome! Thank you! :pray:

@ash4dzyns Hey! I wanted to make sure that you saw this is a current Studio feature request that is now on the Roadmap and is collecting votes.
Studio Editor Request: Unique Links for Anchors
As of now there is not an ETA for it, but be sure to submit a vote for it to help its progress!