Share, Link to and Edit Keywords for Section URLs in Studio

Wishlist/Feature Requested
Share and Link to Sections without an Anchor element and edit the anchor url. Basically, I would like this exact same feature for Wix Studio that was release this January for the : Beta Unlocked: Share Link to Section/Anchor

I was so excited to design all my new sites on Wix Studio, despite any learning curves I may have, I think it’s a wonderful new platform and I am excited for the possibilites!

But when I realized the above wasn’t a feature it stopped me dead in my tracks. Since this Shareable Section URLs were released on the regular Wix Editor, I have become a complete convert. I can’t imagine living without it.


  1. The elegance, simplicity, specificity and symmetry in design and mapping out my users journey with section URLs. (I now find adding a physical anchor element clunky, messy and unnecessary now):

  2. The SEO advantage of editing the Section URL suffix (aka anchor text) with SEO relevant (and rich) keywords:
    edit url suffix or anchor text or keyword

  3. The SEO implications aside, it’s great for my clients to be able to use these section links in their off-site marketing efforts eg. adding a section url link to an email campaign or perhaps if a site user contacts them for support they can now link them DIRECTLY to both the revelant page and section for that user:
    copy and share section url

When I started working with Wix 10 years ago, I heard a lot of designers requesting this feature and capability. It wasn’t until I tried it that I understood it’s beauty and necessity. And as I said, now I simply cannot live without it! If you haven’t started using these section urls in the regular Wix Editor, do!

And please, please don’t make us wait another 10 years for this feature to be released on Wix Studio! Would love to know if it’s on the Roadmap, but couldn’t see the feature listed there as of yet :star_struck: :pray: :sparkles:


@ash4dzyns Wow! Thank you for the well-organized post! It’s very helpful. I’m going to look into this to see if it’s planned for Studio. I’ll report back!

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Thank YOU @pamela ! I appreciate your response :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind me chipping in here, I do know of a workaround using Velo, and it’s pretty straight forward!

This is all the code you’ll need, and you won’t need to change it in any way.

import wixLocationFrontend from 'wix-location-frontend';

$w.onReady(function () {
	const anchor = wixLocationFrontend.url.split('#')[1];
	anchor && $w('#'+ anchor).scrollTo();

In Dev Mode, add this to the masterPage.js file. (I believe it’s called “Global” in Studio)

Then, you can then share URLs like this -

To scroll to a specific part of the page, replace #veloID at the end of the URL with the ID of any element on the page.

The ID can be found when DevMode is on, and selecting an element.

So, in this specific case, whenever they need to share a URL to a specific section, they would just add #sectionID to the end of the URL