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Hello everyone!
I have two issues with menu bar:
I would like links on menu bar to turn bold when pointing them with mouse and to stay bold when clicking (which basicly means switching fonts between helvetica light and helvetica bold). Wix interface only alows to change color but I want my page to be completely monochromatic.
I am trying to do this via wix code, but it doesn’t work (I only have few experiences with html and css, not javascript). Does anyone know how to do this or is there some tutorial about this out there?

I want my header with transparent backround on the first page and with white/black backround when scrolling down and on the rest of pages like on this website: - is there a way to do this in wix?

Thanks for any reply!

Hi Dasha!

You can achieve this very easily using the show() / hide() methods.
All you need to do is to make two sets of the same components (that you want to change) and lay them on-top of each other.
The first set would be the original state of the component (light font, original color, etc.) while the second set will contain all the changes you’re wishing to have.

Now, use the events onMouseIn / onMouseOut for hover effect (show on mouse in - hide on mouse out) and use the onClick event to make it stay.

As for the second question, Yes!
You can achieve it using the same logic from before, while using the event “onViewportLeave”.
Its purpose is to prompt a reaction once a scrolling event (past a certain point) occurs.

Hope it helps!

Doron. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Doron!

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