[Booking API] How do I get the categories of service?


I’m creating a custom booking flow and I wish to group services by category as such as in the booking app.

There is no public API to retrieve the categories of the Booking app how shall I do? Why is it not possible to query the booking category collection as the rest of the collections?

thx in advances for your answer

Hi Quentin,

Bookings doesn’t support it with an API at the moment, but you can build your own categories collection and reference the services to the categories in the collection.


Hi thx you for you answer. It’s nice to have staff answering your question. It’s a petty I have to redo half of the booking app because the API is not fully available.

Any plans to add this info to the “Booking/Services” Database or make this info avalable through the API call? Its been few years since this issue has been reported.

Hi @thrishtilabs ,

Categories currently available though our REST APIs, which you can use with API Keys, here’s more info:
API Keys - https://dev.wix.com/api/rest/getting-started/api-keys
Category APIs - https://dev.wix.com/api/rest/wix-bookings/services/category/category-object

We’re working on exposing it in our Velo APIs and it will probably happen in H1 2023.


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