Booking confirmations not being sent to clients when they book themselves

I just recently encountered an issue whereby my clients no longer receive a booking confirmation e-mail when they make a booking for a class via the Wix App (note that this is not the same as sale from the store - they get these just fine). These normally come from on my mailbox behalf. I still get the booking confirmation to tell me they have booked but they don’t get anything to their registered mailbox at their side. I have tested with a test account and one of my clients and the same is happening for them. Not that when I register them manually from the app / dashboard they get the confirmation e-mail. I am pretty sure have just hit a setting somewhere when making updates to settings, etc. but I have no idea where…has anyone else encountered this issue?


You would be better suited going through Wix Customer Care about this issue as it is not a code issue.

Did you find a solution for this as I’m coming across the same issue?