Booking Services "Book It" button

I need to redirect the user to my custom booking request form when they click the “Book It” button on my Services page. I am having trouble locating the “Book It” button element within the page so I can add a custom OnClick event. Is it even possible? Thx :o)

Currently integrating Wix Code with Wix Booking is not supported.
It is not possible to create onclick event to a button of Wix Booking.
Feel free to add a feature request here .

Roi - thanks for confirming that! I’m looking for a workaround and have superimposed a custom button over the default Booking button (had to shrink the Strip up to get it out of the way). This works but having trouble linking it to open another page (e.g. my custom user input form). UI and code shown below… if you have a minute I would very much appreciate any advice.

Where do you want to navigate it to ?

Trying to navigate to my calendar page (which will soon also house a custom user input form) with a parameter to indicate the choosen service:

export function button5_click(event, $w) {
//Add your code for this event here:

This above code is connected to a button on:


The code looks good in your site, you need to unlink it to a specific page and only use onClick event function.

Yes, thanks… but the third button from the top that I am using in the above test is already unlinked from any page. But still its onClick event does not see to work.

Yes, because it has the wrong name of the function.
button5_click_1 instead of button5_click

I am currently using wix bookings to allow people to register for semester long cooking class courses. I customized my booking form to answer specific and important questions concerning registering for the class (allergies, etc…).

When I tested my form and filled it out myself, I cannot find anywhere on the wix dashboard that specific information.

Does anyone know how to do any of the following solutions:

  1. Find that information somewhere on the wix dashboard?
  2. Create a database that links directly to the wix bookings form?
  3. Whatever solution is chosen, results can be exported into an excel spreadsheet

The payment portion of the wix bookings form is very important.

Any help, ideas, or solutions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I am interested in this functionality too. Have you found a solution or workaround?

@moriahtyler did any one help you with your questions because I’m wanting that to can’t seem to find out