Custom "Book Now" button for an individual plan

Hi there.
I am trying to have a “Book now” button that takes the person directly to the booking process and not the Plans & Pricing page in Editor X.
The standard editor has this but it is not available in Editor X.
Can anyone put me in the right direction so I can do this with Velo?

Ugh I am not sure why I got confused but here is the very simple solution for this in case if you stumble upon this posting

import wixLocation from ‘wix-location’ ;

export function lakeUnion_click ( event ) {
[wixLocation](“/service-page/replace) [.](”/service-page/replace) [to](“/service-page/replace) [(](”/service-page/replace) [“/service-page/](”/service-page/replace) paste -your-service-page-extension" );