Bug: Image disappears when returning to page

I’ve added an image in a grid that works fine on load but if I navigate to another page and go back to the homepage it’s gone.

If I refresh the page it appears and works fine again until I navigate away. I can’t work out how to keep the image on the page.

What I’ve tried:
• Re-uploading image
• Deleting and adding new image in space
• Changing animation settings

Any advice?!

Thanks in advance

I was trying to recreate it on your site, but with no success. We can create a support ticket on your behalf if you would like to, so the support team will be able to review the situation deeper :nerd_face:

I had to rebuild the section to make it work. It was related to the parallax effect on scroll. As soon as I remove the effect it stops disappearing.

You’re more than welcome to test it with the parallax scroll effect!

ok, now I got what you mean, this is more like a usability thing with a number of factors: the image itself, background color, image size, and place. Would you like to experiment with Parallax again? We can try to bring some ideas on this.

by the way, in case your name on Editor X Forum is @willtarpey and this site is about his wedding, I guess he is you…
So, I want to congratulate you on the upcoming celebration :wink:

A. Congrats.
B. Thanks for the details and the videos. I tried it on my end but was also unable recreate with an image set to parallax scroll effect. If you are still getting the issue with the parallax scrolling, may be best to reach out to Customer Care as then they can investigate and if it may be a bug, they can forward it.

This problem still exists. I reached to Customer Care 3 days ago but still no solution.

Response from Wix Support:

“The issue is caused when a site has “in-out” page transition and images are set to have parallax effect. If you navigate from any page that comes from an app (for example the blog page) to a page that has an image set to have parallax scroll (like on your home page) the issue will recreate,
Currently the best workaround is to use a different scroll animation (like you have set it to reveal) or remove the page transition.”