Calculations (quotes) with Velo

Good morning all !
I have a little question :
Is it possible to perform calculations with velo wix?
(I would like to be able to offer a quote online)
Thank you in advance for your answers !

Velo by Wix is based on Javascript , so yeah - you can do calculations.

To learn about programming with Velo, read the following articles that will help you start working with Velo:

Thank you very much for your very quick response.
I started to modify Velo codes which were examples.
In fact, I am looking for an example code of calculations, which I could modify afterwards, I unfortunately did not find any.
I am ready to pay a professional who will explain to me if necessary.

You can find expert developers at the Wix Marketplace - an online marketplace with top Velo web developers from around the world.

You can see this JS basic doc:

and some videos on YouTube :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you !

Ok thank you !