Calendar Widget not resizing on live mobile

I’ve connected a Mindbody class calendar and sign up widget. The code is from healcode (through Mindbody platform). I added the iframe html code to the site. It previews properly in both desktop and mobile, but live iphone mobile, it doesn’t fit left to right. You have to drag the screen to see all the copy. I’ve called Wix and Mindbody, each is saying it’s the others issues. Any thoughts?

EDITOR desktop: looks good

EDITOR mobile: looks good

live view: not fitting

I would agree with Wix and say that it is not their issue.

You are importing code from a third party which Wix allow you to do so in either an html iframe or through a new tool in Tracking and Analytics.

Wix don’t provide support for third party code that they have not had the chance to thoroughly test out themselves on their own servers to confirm that it will work without causing any issues anywhere.

So, in reality why would you expect Wix to help you with issues from a third party that you are using, it is like me asking you about Pepsi when you work for Coca-Cola.

When you preview it within the Wix Editor, either through the mobile or desktop editor, you are viewing it through Wix’s own emulator, however there is no guarantee that it will work and look exactly the same on every device that you use to view your website on.

You answer would be that you need to edit the supplied code from the third party so that it responds to the screen size of the used mobile device and that is something only the third party will be able to help you with.

Just note that Wix wrap html code differently on mobile devices compared to on desktop devices, so your third party will need to be aware of that too.

Also, have you stopped to think that it might be an issue with Apple Iphones instead and not Wix etc, as there might be an issue with Apple setup that needs you to add something so that the system allows the html iframe to be resized to fit.

Read here for guidelines and limitations etc.

Troubleshooting HTML Code Element Issues on Mobile:

The HTML element is cut off and/or showing scroll bars
The HTML element displays your code within an iFrame, and if the content is larger than the iFrame, it will get cut off and will show scroll bars. If this is the case, you can try resizing the frame to show all of the content.

The third-party code is not mobile friendly
This could result in the content being displayed at the same size as the desktop version, which results in the code not fitting on your mobile site. This could also result in the content not responding or functioning properly.

Thanks. I appreciate your response, but no need for snippy lecturing. I fully understood it may not have been Wix’s issue for a 3rd party which is why I spent an hour on with Mindbody first and they said to try Wix as it may be how I have it in there. I’m trying all avenues, maybe it was a known issue for all I’m aware. Just looking for some external advice as I’ve gone through all the proper channels.

Wasn’t intended to be classed as snippy lecturing, apologies if you think it was that way.