Embed not showing up on Mobile

I have an embed (used html embed feature in editor) here is the code:

It shows fine on desktop and even shows in the mobile editor, but does not show up on the Wix Mobile Site. Any suggestions?

Ya’ll I am totally stumped! I could really use any ideas!

I am having the same issue. On one of my sites where i have a google doc embed it shows up on the mobile editor and on the mobile live site but the size is messed up on the mobile live site and editor, its much larger but you can still use it. Then on my other site the same exact thing is happening what you described its showing up on the editor just fine the size but will not show up on the actual live mobile site. Now to make it even more confusing, when I click my link through the instagram app and instagrams browser opens up inside of instagram the embed/iframe shows up! But any other mobile browser (chrome, safari, etc) it will not show up and shows up fine on desktop site!!! Let me know if you figured anything out!

I want to know the solution too… It actually worked on mobile for a few months but recently it stopped working on mobile, ok on desktop, very strange…

Anyone ever figure this out?

Hi! Did you save your HTML embed on the mobile editor? Some elements that are on the main editor might not be on the mobile editor.


Yes its there, when I inspect the code it shows that the data coming from the page code is not making it to the iframe(this only happens on mobile) on desktop it shows fine

Please note that if you have used third party code, then you will need to be going back to the third party code provider as Wix will not provide support for your code.

We cannot provide support for external codes that were not created or tested with Wix. If you are experiencing an issue with your code snippet, please contact the provider directly.

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