Can only access Code Forum via Incognito

Hey Code Team …

Every few days this happens. I can only access the Code Forum via Incognito mode.

Don’t know why. Just wanted to see if anyone knew why because it has been happening a LOT lately.


Yesss!!! I was literally JUST about to write a post about this. For the last almost 2 weeks now, about 80% of my visits hit the same 502 Bad Gateway page. Even pages I have bookmarked that worked before, do not work now. Ive noticed it happens in Firefox. When I copy the same url into Safari, it’s good. Im on the latest version of Firefox 64bit.

And yes Im logged in…

Yeah, that right… In general, WiX Blog and Forum are pathetically slow in India. Non of my customers are happy with its performance.:worried:

Cleaning cookies should help this issue. I recommend posting your feedback on the Wix Forum Feedback site .

Have a good day,