Can we create button that acts like 'like' to another member?

Yes you can.

You can use dynamic pages + table or repeater for it.

THaNk yOu dImA CaN YoU detail?

Let’s say you have a Database with the following fields…


Imagine, that you are direcly in the database, what would you do to give one of the database-values (members) a like?

You would first serach for your wished person (filtering) then you would write into the “like”-databasefield the count of gotten like (counting-up) by every click onto the like-button, right?

This is the way to go.

You can do it by using a dataset, or you can do it completely dataset-free using wix-data-query.:wink::v:

A connected repeater or table or a dynamic page trough a dataset (dynamic dataset) would show the results.

Thank you very much doctor