Can we design custom dropdowns?

Is there the option to design a custom drop down.
I need to make a vertical menu with custom sub-menus (dropdowns ) for each of the menu item.



Great question! You can certainly create custom drop downs on your menu, you can find the instructions on this article:

You can also check out our academy lesson to expand your knowledge:

Please let us know if you have other questions.

Hi, I don’t know if the original question was about this, but I don’t see any option in EditorX to change the design of the dropdown options, is only possible to change de design of the button but not the list design that show the options. Is it in the backlog of projects to change this? I think dropdown design is something very necessary in any website this days.

we received a lot of feedback on this feature and forwarding it to our devs, indeed I can understand your feelings on this, and I hope they will release drop-down editing soon enough

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Yes, submenu drop down customization and, in general, more menu design control outside of Velo have been big partner suggestions as well as on other designers’ wish lists. I’m sure Wix will respond. It is amazing how the Wix product teams listen. :sunglasses:

@andrewt Great to hear this! :+1:

tracked and will be forwarded, tq!

Hi Sebi,

Just reading your post regarding drop down menus.
I’m finding it hard to find submenu layout options as per your academy lessons video link.

Im sure im just missing a step any help how to access would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reaching out!

Seems like you added the “Horizontal menus” instead of “Styled menu”.

The styled menu offers a lot more design options as shown in the lesson.

Select from the “Add menu” as shown below:

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