Can WIX code do this? If so, how :)

I have a client that has agreed to work with me:

Here’s the request:

“I am looking for someone who can build a single web page within an existing Wix site ( ). That new page will have text and images in the form of instructions, then ask people to create a login in order to download (our) software. That login should also generate a demo license, give that license info to the person who created a login account, and then also share that info with a Zixi salesperson via email”

Can someone from the Wix code give me pointers on accomplishing this?

I’m also willing to team up expert with another expert.

Hi Anthony,
it is possible.

You can have a look with this tutorial


That’s not what i’m looking for. I need something more advanced that can connect with a software company’s license API, along with user login, etc.

Hi Anthony,
If it’s a REST API it’s possible.
Check out wix-http-functions .
Good luck!