Can you make a menu with dynamic data?

Hi, I want to make a menu that has dropdown menus that are attached to data.
I want the dropdown to display all item titles (with clickable link) in the dataset. This would significantly reduce time spent manually adding/removing links from the menu, and more time spent creating. Is there any feature that can help me do this or is there any way to do this in a way where the menu is automatically updated?

I haven’t yet attempted to do this with code yet, but any ideas or examples would be appreciated.

Hey there
Sorry if it’s not the complete answer, but you can in fact achieve so with Repeaters of course; you don’t even need to modify the texts –that’s not the point– just add titles/paragraphs –or any text elements for that matter– into an item of the repeater and then connect the repeater itself to your database using a dataset . The menu would be indeed automatically updated as you manually add new data to your database –though only on your live published site and not in the preview mode of the EditorX (read more about Sandbox & Live ).
Now, the design of the repeater and its items is another story, since it depends on you… wether it’s inside the Header master, or in a Lightbox, or inside a Hamburger menu, etc. Hope it helps n’ good luck :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the reply. I thought about that, and it would make perfect sense to do if there was a way to edit the menu (which is a table in editor x) in code. Do you know if editing the table in code is an option?

P.S. I know it will be a lot of work just for a menu with a sub sub menu that’s a repeater, but since the real estate company I’m doing this for wants this, I’ll take the time. Editor X team we want sub-sub menus and the ability to connect menu folders/dropdowns to data! :heart:

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