Cannot Create a Data hook

Just getting prep’ed to hookup sendgrid for notification emails on an afterinsert.
I navigate to the Content Manager and Select “After Insert” or “Before Insert” (just for fun).
Click “Add & Edit Code button” and nothing.

I have:
Synced sandbox to live
There no records in the table.
I can successfully Insert records from my dataset on my form.
disabled popup blocking on site.
… also restarted the editor on the off chance it was just a bug (no luck)
… tried both edge and chrome.

Not getting an error message or log can be very frustrating.

Any suggestions where I might look next. I am a bit stumped.

If i look at your image i do not see the developer modus menu on the left.
Enable dev-modus and go look at the left in backed folder.
there should be a file named data.js ,or try to press “Add& Edit code” again afther you have enabled dev-modus


It was data.js… Somewhere along the line I deleted " import wixData from ‘wix-data’ ;" from the first line of data.js and WIX got very unhappy with me.

It happens alot that some stupid thing causes the problem.
i’m glad you find the solution.