Cannot edit image in repeater

Hello. I cannot adjust size of image in repeater, in tablet size breakpoint or smaller view [Top screenshot]. I cannot cut image. It is not hidden by any overlays, pictures or items. I turned of display of item above it [Top screenshot], in order to rule out blockage [Even though the item is transparent].

It is visible at desktop breakpoint [Next screenshot].

It was visible for all breakpoints , including this breakpoint, at earlier restore points available from today[ bottom screenshot].

Thank you.

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Hi @ninja ,

What exactly are you trying to do? You added an image to a repeater, and then tried to change the size of the image in different breakpoints? Did you use the resize handles? or try from the layout tab in the inspector? Can you provide more detail about the steps and where it got stuck?


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I was not able to use resize handles. Was not able to use layout tab in the inspector. Started over.