Different sizes of pictures in repeater, in preview mode!

Hey. I added a repeater in a section and connected it up with a database. As well with pictures. The pictures in the database have not all the same sizes ( 400x400 and 500x500 for example). When it comes to the preview mode. The layout of all pictures is not the same as i wish. Can i modify that like in the “old” editor ot am i might have to change some settings or is this a bug? Thx for help :slight_smile: Martin

Edit: Just in Tablet Mode!

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Hey @info45665
What is the layout you’re trying to achieve?
In Repeaters the layout of the image is the same in every item . Changing it in one item will change it in all the other items.
Please LMK what is that you’re trying to achieve and we’ll be happy to find a solution for it.

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Hey Miri. Thank u for your reply. Well have a look to the video maybe that explain it better :slight_smile: Actually the problem is in the mobile view. So i have a dynamic page incl a repeater with all that receipt pics. But they are changing the size when i change the side, as u will see in the video. Dont know why that happens actually. Any advise is appreciated :slight_smile: thanks again Martin

Can maybe share the link to your site so I could take a look?

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Unfortunately i realised another problem. In live version i cant reach my dynamic pages. As u will see i create a button for u on top “to the receipts”. But after clicking the new page is just white ( https://martin-draeger.editorx.io/meinewebsite-2/alle-rezepte-1/Tofu-Scramble—Veganes-R%C3%BChrei ) same for that page (another dynamic page: https://martin-draeger.editorx.io/meinewebsite-2/alle-rezepte )

Hey @info45665 ,
We are still checking this issue as well.

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Hi @info45665

Roni here, from the Editor X product team.

I took a while looking into your issue to understand the problem. I wanted to fill you in, and also suggest a solution I think should do well for you.

Here’s the deal:
The images were not the problem. Images coming from a database would fit into the image box that you designed in your site.
The issue was the text links. Currently, long strings of text, in some situations will not continue wrapping as the screen gets narrower. At some point the letters stop wrapping to the next row, and at that case, your grid is actually stuck because of the inner content - the text component that won’t grow smaller.
Your images were just stretched the entire width, so you could easily see that they became wider. As wide as the grid that is stuck.

My suggestion is this:
Use the rich text field in your database. Just write “Click here” or something like that, and link that to the URL you want it to lead to. It will probably look better in the site, and the text will be nice and short, and will not make the grid stuck.

We, on our end, will also be looking into allowing options of word-wrapping.

I hope this helps!


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@info45665 about the button and the empty page, I’m sorry but it seems you have since unlinked the button in the Editor, so I cannot really track what you were trying to do, and cannot then find the problem.
Please let me know if you change it back to what it was, and we can have a look.

Thank you