Cart image issue- workaround for products that exceed Wix Store connected image limit

Hello all. We have just a few products but each product has many different color options. Using the Wix store, we ran into a limit of only being able to connect 15 images to a product so we were looking for a workaround. After talking with Wix, they suggested we follow their tutorial for adding a product configurator. This worked very well except one issue

Although you can utilize a database to create more then 15 options with images attached, when you add the product to the cart, the cart still pulls images from the Wix store; not the database. If we go over 15 color options, in the cart, those additional colors default to the first image within the Wix store and to the customer, may appear as the wrong option although the text displays the correct color name.

Does anyone have a solution so that when products are added to the cart, it pulls images from our database and not the store?

Thanks so much!

I know this is an old thread, but did you or anyone find a solution for this?

Same problem for my store. Wix should fix it asap.

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