Cascading breakpoint rule not working for videos?

Hi, I’m aware of how cascading breakpoint changes affect the various formats,

what i am trying to achieve right now is a very simple adjustment: I would like the 1920x1080 format for my Hero section video to be the video used for the desktop format and the tablet and mobile formats to use a separate video file for the portrait (1080x1920) mode format.

right now its just making changes across all breakpoints and it offers an ‘Undo’ button when i do that?

how do i make it so i can just use two separate video files? i’ve tried it the correct way and it just changes it no matter what across all breakpoints…

would appreciate some guidance here. thanks

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Hi @jmenane6 , here’s how you can do it.

Go to the desktop breakpoint in the editor, add your landscape video. Then go to the tablet breakpoint, right click on the video player, and select Don’t Display . Then add your portrait video here.

This will let you add two separate videos, for desktop and for tablet and mobile.

Hope this helps!

Hi @jmenane6 I’m Talia from the EditorX product team.
It is possible to set different sizes in different breakpoints for videos - would you mind sharing your site’s URL? This will help us further investigate your issue.
@pratham 's answer is also a good option.

We look forward to hearing from you.