Change cursor / pointer when hovering over radio buttons?

The cursor doesn’t change when hovering over radio buttons. The cursor should change to the standard “clickable” one.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Note that I tried adding an onClick event handler to the radio buttons field, but that didn’t work. It added a clickable cursor to the title of the question… but not to the options fields below.


Can’t see any code, which should do your wished function.

Im having the same issue. Is anyone able to help?
My code is as follows. Unfortunately the clickable hand cursor does not appear, and I would ideally like it to:

import wixData from ‘wix-data’
$w . onReady (() => {
$w ( “#gallery2” ). onItemClicked ( ( event ) => {
$w ( ‘#yogamodules’ ). setCurrentItemIndex ( event . itemIndex )
. then (() => {
wixWindow . openLightbox ( ‘Yoga Therapy’ ,
$w ( ‘#yogamodules’ ). getCurrentItem ());
}); });});

Can anyone help here?
thank you