Change subject line from Ascend Forms?

Is there any way to change how the emails come into my inbox from Ascend Forms? They are missing the most important info, like what’s the name of the form it’s coming in from? AND I don’t need to know the name of [my own website] every time someone emails me. (See attached screenshot).

I’d love to be able to remove my site name and also not have it tell me “You’ve just been paid!”… I’d like to be able to choose what the subject line is. Is this possible? Am I missing where to change this? Can I request this feature? TIA!

All administrator’s get notifications from the site. First make make sure that you have assigned yourself to receive the notification.

Then you can customize the notification sent out to admin when a particular form has been submitted. There is more on this page:

Ya I’m getting the emails just fine. I have it coming to our Gmail and that screencapture above is what it looks like in the inbox when it comes in. The subject line is just way too much info. I’d prefer to just see the name of the form. The Wix email notifications page seems to somewhat allow you to change the outgoing message. But I’m still not seeing anywhere to change the incoming subject line from the forms that we see as a team inside Gmail.

I see what you are after. You are lucky, you only have one site. I have over 70 live sites and without that website [name], I’d be in trouble. Lucky you only have a three letter acronym. I will keep searching the ability to edit that subject line.

Thanks for caring. I appreciate that. Ya, I literally named my site OPS to try and narrow down the subject line :joy:. Congrats on having so many sites to manage though!

So, did anyone discover how to change the subject line? I would also like to change the subject line of the Wix forms we receive in our inbox, but can’t seem to find a way how to do it.

I have not, and spent a considerable time on it. Any of the payment emails that come in with the subject line “You’ve Got Paid!”… We just have to copy the content and send an a separate email back because the subject line is too cringey. I’ve talked to Wix support about it several times, and every time they seem to have less information on their forms / emails that go out than even I do. I suppose you could custom create an entire form and code what the subject line would pull from, I just don’t have that kind of skills or time to spend on it. Please update if you find a way though :slightly_smiling_face: