Changes in data manager UI especially rich text field

So I have come back to my database after several months to find the data manager UI has changed.
In a rich text field I can no longer change the font size, colour or type. I only have the option to select a theme which I need to set in the page editor to have any control over. New UI below

Existing data has “Read more” in different colour and size on the same line as the other text which is not possible with new UI

Also I can no longer have 2 different font sizes on 1 line due to the issue stated above.
E.G If I have the line “qwerty qwerty …read more” I was previously able to have “qwerty qwerty…” in 1 font size and colour and “read more” in another font size and colour and a link off to another page. This is not possible now unless I have “read more” on a separate line which I do not want.

My previously added data has retained it’s formatting so now I have an issue with any new data I wish to add to the database having the constraints listed above and not being able to edit the existing data because the font size, type and colour can no longer be edited from this screen.

Has anyone else had this issue? I know the previous database UI was a bit clumsy but at least I could choose my font size, type etc this new one is rubbish

I have absolutely had this issue! I have some rich text fields with font sizes, colors, etc. When entering new records, I can no longer format the text the same way. No colors, no different fonts, and only the font styles called out in the themes. I don’t know how to enter new records and have the text appear the same in my repeater as the same text in the old records. It looks very unprofessional! And I don’t know a way around it, and (I think) I’ve tried everything.

I swear, Wix Rich Text is becoming the bane of my existence!


Yes, this is very frustrating. Is there a work-a-round to this or using databases without rich text fields the only other solution to be able to change colors/text sizes/fonts?

Thank god. Thought it was me. There must be a reason for this, and a simple solution. WHAT IS IT WIX??

This is not a Corvid related issue, for issues or questions related to Wix sites please contact Wix Support .

Unfortunately Wix Support isn’t very helpful. They seem to think it’s working fine. Do most people not need this working how it use to? I can understand themes in regards to font sizes and styles, but why are colors locked in rich text as well? Sometimes I want dark text on light backgrounds and other times I need white text on dark backgrounds.

Maybe you can help me with some code I’m trying to do as a work-a-round to this problem Ahmad.

The following code seems to only work on regular text fields and not rich text fields.

import wixData from 'wix-data';
$w.onReady(function () {

 $w("#repeater1").onItemReady( ($w, itemData, index) => {

 if (itemData.destination) {
 let destinationtext = $w("#text32").text;         
 $w("#text32").html = "<h2 style='font-size: 45px; font-style: avenir; text-align: center; color: #178AF0;'>" + destinationtext + "</h2>";     

 if (itemData.title) {
 let titletext = $w("#text30").text;         
 $w("#text30").html = "<h4 style='font-size: 24px; font-style: avenir; text-align: left; color: #AFD7FA;'>" + titletext + "</h4>";     

 .then( (results) => {  
 let repeaterData = results.items  
 $w("#repeater1").data = repeaterData 
 } );
 } );

Yes because that is through use of a text box element which you either set as .text or .html$w.Text.html$w.Text.html#html$w.Text.html#text

Come on Wix, can you please fix this issue? I work as a Designer and I can’t allow my clients to have a Rich Text without a proper Line-height - the automatic line-height is not readable and that isn’t according to me, it’s according to Accessibility rules. I can’t handover the website to my client using the Rich Text field with such poor settings …

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Just want to share a work around to change fonts and color. It is to pre-set them as font themes. When you click the button T at rich text input box, it changes to the pre-set font theme accordingly. But you can only chose 3 themes.

T1 = font theme H2

T2 = font theme H3

and Tt = font theme P2

You pre-set the font theme by editing any text, then from “Themes” drop-down chose the right theme H2/H3/P2, then choose your desired font and color, then click “Save Theme”

But I agree this is totally not optimal at all. I really hope WIX can add editable font and color options at the rich text input box.

For “setting line-height” I would like to share a work-around also.

The flow is:

  1. Convert Rich Text data into normal Text data at the database

  2. Add Line-Height HTML code to each paragraph

  3. Display text by setting the HTML property of the display text element

  4. At database, create two columns, first one with Rich Text property, the second one with normal Text property

Secondly write a Backend code to automatically convert from the Rich Text column to the normal Text column.

Need to create a js file at Backend exactly called data.js

Then in it write the following code:

export function CourseInformationEnglish_beforeUpdate(item, context){
 let targetStudentHeightened = item.targetStudent.replace(/<p style="/g, '<p style="line-height:1.5; ');
    item.targetStudentHeightened = targetStudentHeightened.replace(/<p>/g, '<p><span style="line-height:1.5">');

return item;

Change to your database name, and the column names as such. I hard coded the line-height to 1.5

  1. Connect your Rich Text input box at front end with the Rich Text column. Also create your own submit button. When users save their input, the normal Text column at the database will be automatically updated as well by the code above. Can only do it by updating from front end, not edit inside database, as the HTML code generated will be different.

  1. Set the HTML property of your display text element by using the HTML code stored at the normal Text column
$w.onReady( function () {
$w('#txtTargetStudents').html = $w("#dynamicDataset").getCurrentItem().targetStudentHeightened;

And it will display with the desired Line-Height without the notice of the user who input the data, which is much easier to read.

If you want to change Line-Height of Headers apart from Paragraphs, then need to add extra code accordingly.

Hope this helps. And again I think WIX should have built this Line-Height setting function at Rich Text input box. It is very frustrating for most users!