Changing dynamic page with a dropdown menu

Hi Wix People,

I have a fairly simple problem (I think) that I can’t seem to figure out.

I have a dynamic page. On that dynamic page, I want a drop-down menu that can make users go to other dynamic pages (same collection as the one they are on).

I have made a dropdown menu, and I can get the different pages to show in the menu. However, I do not know how to make the page change when they change whatever is in the dropdown menu. Do I use onchange? If so, what do I put as my code?

Thank you for your help.



Hi mate did you ever solve this i have the exact same problem

Hi guys, were either if you able to figure this out?


Im looking for a solution to the same problem. Any updates on this?

Use wix-location to() function to change the page

and use the dropdown’s onchange() event to get the current value:$w.Dropdown.html#onChange