Changing the Animation of the Menu Container Page

I am not finding the Animation Icon you mention in your help section when selecting the menu container page element, nor is it accessible through clicking on the hamburger menu icon.

How can I change the animation of the menu container after clicking on the hamburger menu ?

Please see this photo :

Thank you

Hey just bumping this for me and others with the same issue.

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Hey @Noam_Konig!

Not sure why I didn’t see this :thinking:

Have you got a link to the support article you mention?

Click on the Hamburger Menu icon, open menu and click on the ? question mark.

Hey were you able to find it?

I did a bit of digging, and it appears the support article linked in the “?” is linked to an Editor X article.

Since you’re using Wix Studio, there are a few differences. It appears on the Menu Container itself, it’s not possible to add an interaction or animation. I’ll be sure to check in with the team about this.

In the meantime, a potential workaround is to make the Menu Container transparent and stretch a normal container to the size of the Menu Container.

This way, you can add an interaction to the Normal container using the interactions tab in Inspector panel on the right (the Lightning icon).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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This problem still exists. Can’t find the animation of the menu container page. It’s not there in wix studio.

Why would you not be able to change the animation of the container when an animation is clearly already set somewhere? On the template I’m trying to edit, the menu animates by sliding in from the right, but this function is not set anywhere in Wix Studio. Very frustrating and needs fixed.