New Hamburger Menu

I am happy to share that we just released a new hamburger menu element, available in the Add Panel. It is basically a vector image, so you can easily replace and scale it—plus, there’s a separate X icon for closing.

Check out the x icon inside the menu container and design it exactly they way you desire.

We suggest you replace any existing hamburger menus you have on your sites as we’ll stop supporting them soon.


Brill, thanks :slight_smile:

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Yay! Finally!


Great. Thank you for this update. Keep up the good work!!! We are building for the future.

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This might be a dumb question, but the previous one had built-in animation, like the 3 lines coming together into a X when opening, and back out to the 3 lines when closing. How do I achieve effects like this now?

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Your question does make sense. I hope that the new alternative hamburger menu icon is just released temporarily, and they are working on the X icon issue and will bring back once it is resolved.

Please give us Icon Buttons in Editor X

Im having difficulties using said hamburger menu, it comes up as vector art not an actual venue when I use it.


Hi and thanks to all the team for this new Hamburger Menu.

I had written a previous comment which was biased by a suite of bugs I was experiencing in Editor X, but they are currently being resolved by Editor X’s team. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for that. So, finally, this new menu is… simply awesome!! I just keep my previous feedback regarding the button to exit the menu mode, as it is actually on the lightbox mode. :yum:
Thanks again for this release!

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I’m having trouble with the new hamburger. The open hamburger and close x don’t line up and also when I click to open, the open menu stays visible on top of the close x. Am I missing something? Thanks

You might have a corrupted menu container due to the fact that you have not deleted the old hamburger menu (it is natively hidden) before adding the new one.

Delete the new hamburger menu, inspect the layer panel for finding the old one (must be in “don’t display” mode), delete it, then save and close the editor, empty your browser cache, reopen the editor and add the new hamburger menu.

If the issue is still there, contact the Editor X’s support.

You can create custom triggered buttons opening and closing the menu container by using the following API :$w/menucontainer


That worked! Thanks very much. Much appreciated!


I have deleted my old menu and have added the new hamburger menu… Now when I navigate between pages the pages reloads from white. Not pleasing to the eye. Thoughts on why this is happening vs a smooth transition?

I’ve deleted all old menus and installed the new one, but now the menu container is all over the place on some pages, especially on mobile. (not on all pages though luckily) It’s supposed to be top left but aligning it in the inspector doesn’t change anything.

@danak its incredibly difficult to do something basic like set up a hamburger menu that displays in all res. I want a full screen overlay with 3-5 menu items, all resolutions. The X for the hamburger menu is missing during creation. An equivalent would be in Elementor, with the full screen menu.

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Hi Ryan,
I am Naama from Editor X product team.
To ensure that you’re using the New Hamburger menu, could you please delete it and then re-add and validate if the problem is solved?
In addition, please see that while editing the menu (before Preview or Publish), you click on Open Menu to see the X. The default is that it opens up in full screen as you described.

We’re waiting for your reply,

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Hi Editor X team, as i have searched around the internet looking for ways to acquire burger menu icon being animated when pressing. Seems like someone had raised a similar issue of losing this feature in a more advance software like Editor X. However it’s offered in Wix Editor which you get from built-in stocked animated burger menu. I wonder why this issue has never been solved… really want to spice up the interaction when user is pressing the icon :frowning:



Agreed! This is a small but fairly common thing you see on most websites. I have sites on the old editor that can do this and yet it still cannot be done on Editor X.

Take it you mean like this in the classic Editor?