Changing the sort option on repeaters

Hello there,
I have a repeater that is not connected to any data. I individually changed every item in the repeater as each links to a different affiliate website.
As non of the items are connected to any data, I wanted to be able to sort the repeater and have the newest products I added to it, be at the top of it, rather than at the complete bottom. How much I do that?
Also, I am trying to have unlimited products on the repeater, as I will be adding more products to it all the time. How might I achieve those?
I am truly unfamiliar with code or corvid, so I hope I can still get it done with your help :slight_smile:

  1. If you’re planing to dd many items to the repeater you should use a database.

  2. If you want, you can create a hard-coded data array like this:

//in the page code panel:
let data = [
date: 202009222257, title: "item title", image: https:///wwww.someimage.jpg, link:
date: 202009210834, title: "item title", image: https:///wwww.someotherimage.jpg, link:
data = data.sort( (a, b) =>;
$w.onReady(() => {
$w("#repeater1").data = data;
$w.onItemReady(($i, iData) => {
$i("#titleText").text = iData.title;
$i("#image").src = iData.image;
$i("#button1").link =;

Thanks! I am truly unfamiliar with code at all, so I wouldn’t know what to do with that…
I would love to use a database, but need each product, image and description to be and link to its own link, rather than to a store or cart. What’s my best course of actions here?

@elbaumgal66 You should create a database, crate the fields (the columns in the table), add dataset to the [page, sort it by time created (descending) and connect it to a repeater. It’s quite simple, and definitely better then using a hard-coded array and things like that.
have a read: