How about a member to member chat? That’d be a game changer.


Hi Manny,

Just saw your message and its there already.

  • Install on your site member area application (login, login …)
  • Go to the setting of the chat in the editor
  • Enable the Member Chat


There already is ^

I’m also having difficulty with this. Is there something else you may have done? :\
I’ve deleted the old chat. started fresh by adding the app while on ‘my account’ on a member only page, and still nothing

Adrian Stoner

@aaghwilson You will be better suited contacting Wix Support for this issue.

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Hi aaghwilson,

In order to have a Member chat you should have member area in your site.
In order to do so you can follow this article:

good luck, Erez

Having difficulties with this.