Click-through or non clickable images/elements

Hello Community, I hope you’re all doing fine.
Just an amateur –with low to no code experience– trying to find out something.

I’ve got a problem and I need your help ; but before I continue, lemme tell u since now that I already looked down in the Forum for similar issues and read the whole Wix API to see if there was something… only after no success whatsoever –and enormous frustration– is that I come here for help n post my question, so here it goes:

Basically, every image in the editor is contained in a rectangular frame , no matter its size, shape, position, format or (above all) transparency, and THAT’s what causing me trouble \:
(I emphasized that on purpose).

I’m designing this website on the new responsive platform EditorX (which I made sure also works with Corvid/Velo)

and, as you may have notice, I’ve added some decoration OVER the site’s main page:

These shapes n threads (no, like, literal threads not the informatic meaning bcs they evoque to physical sowing threads) are added each individually, have different fixed positions and are merely decorative , hence having no other than that of an aesthetic purpose. Other than that, I’m not interested on them at all… except they are visually important by the nature of the business I’m designing for :v but WHAT I MEAN IS they carry no other function.

The PROBLEM comes when I add IMPORTANT, FUNCTIONAL CONTENT into the site and UNDER the decoration, in this case, a Product Gallery

Now, this gallery is connected to a database and shows the content live properly… but that’s not the point here. It’s the rectangular FRAMES of the images that cause me trouble here

which don’t visually cover anything other than the real image map, but make EVERYTHING UNDERNEATH THEM UNREACHABLE AND UNCLICKABLE

so each and every image from the gallery –or any other content for that matter– under that frame cannot be clicked on (which is needed here to open product info) and trust me this makes it very difficult for the average visitor to use n browse the catalog, which is obviously counterproductive D:

and with the sum of all the others I ended up with all this unreachable space ):

My question here for all of you Velo’s Community members is if any of you knows if it is possible (and if so, how) to make an image non-clickable, or to make a covered element clickable through another element, or (way less likely I’m afraid) if there’s a specific way Wix could translate those transparencies into real voids so the image ended right on the edges of filled pixels

I finally dared to post here because NO ONE ELSE in the Forum is asking this, and I found no workaround whatsoever on the Velo API Documentation or another forums on the Internet.
I’m fearing there’s simply … no solution to this, but’d like to hear what you know or have to say around this topic, so

Thanks beforehand :slight_smile:

Some edits:

  • I’ve made sure the images have no background color set in the style properties

  • I already tried all image formats Wix allows to upload and still nothing; the same behaviour appears even with SVG’s; not even Wix Shapes available on add panel get saved from this

I’ve of course already thought of giving up and sending them to the background, but

  • EditorX doesn’t allow yet frozen images as page backgrounds

  • A background –even if static– won’t be as responsive and will get cut at places and resized at different monitor sizes, which is what I was trying to avoid, but yet…

  • Fixed elements (like these), no matter the arrange settings, are unsolvably ON TOP OF EVERYTHING no matter what, so I can’t “send them to back” under the scrollable content

If there is no workaround for this or… simply, no one reads my post –which’d be understandable sorry for the lithany– I suppose I’ll have to think of another design and discard this whole decoration idea I guess…

…it’s it’s not really important it’s merely decorative as I mentioned bfore l:"

Have a nice February ":smiley:

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Put the button element on most top layer (bring to front). The art is hiding the button label as well.

uuuhh… :flushed: noupe.
nop. no-nono-uhh, that’s not :no_mouth: that’s not the way it’s working

those buttons aren’t button elements i put on top of each image, i’m using this twich of the Wix Pro Gallery:

so those buttons are part of the gallery itself (they’re within the gallery item).

also, as i’ve explained bfore, even if those were button elements –which again they aren’t– i wouldn’t be able to arrange them on most top layer bcs i need them scrollable , while the art hiding them is fixed, and fixed position items –dunno why– are unsolvably on top of everything else (scrollable), so it also wouldn’t work \:

Don’t get me wrong i still appreciate it, thanks tho

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Did you ever find a solution for this problem? I’m currently facing an identical issue on my site, so any advice you can offer would be super appreciated!

@info38958 Nope, not at all no i didn’t.
I even learnt HTML & CSS this past year and I think that’s inevitably how these languages work to render images n shapes; I think nothing can be done about this, not at least with Wix.

@info38958 Nope, not at all no i didn’t.
I even learnt HTML & CSS this past year and I think that’s inevitably how these languages work to render images n shapes; I think nothing can be done about this, not at least with Wix.