Client Logo Slider Carousel

I want to create a client slider/carousel like below, but cannot find appropriate tool in Wix for this.
Has anyone created one using code and collection - if so could you share some details how it was achieved.

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A carousel in Wix would be much appreciated and quite useful. Any news on how to implement one?


Did you find a solution ? Because I’m looking for the same thing…Please let me know :slight_smile:

Do you have an example of it? I’m not sure that I fully understand from the picture.


@Tal he was trying to do something like this:
In this video I used a gallery pro but unfortunately it looks glitchy. Notice what happens when it reaches the last logo. There’s an ugly jump. I was wondering if we can do something like this with code…

Brother try to give more clarification about your question as with picture it is quite difficult to understand your query. Share your problem in more details so that we can understand it more properly. meanwhile you can visit HP Tech support for any issue with hp products and get it solved.

I was wanting to do the same thing, but couldn’t find the tool for that. This is such widely used feature and I can’t believe it there ins’t a tool for that on wix.

@naama-t-l how didi you do that? did use wix pro gallery? I’ve tried but could not achieve what you did.

@carlost I ended up using the old slider gallery because it is the only one that behave exactly like I wanted it to. Start by adding the spheres slider, and in the Design function change it to squares (if that’s what you want). You can stay in spheres if you design your logos in circles. Than in layout I choose 1:1 view and play with the spacing and other settings as needed.

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@naama-t-l Thank you very much for explaining how you did it. That was very kind, much appreciated.

How do you get it to rotate on its own? I got it in there but I have to hit the arrows on each side for it to move. Please and thank you!

I couldn’t figure it out how to make it rotate by its own, I thought it would have a command auto play or something but is doesn’t have. I would like to know too.

Does any one know how to do it?


@carlost you mean loop?

@naama-t-l No, he wanted it to be constantly, automatically scrolling without bringing the courser to it as soon as you load the page.

@naama-t-l I am having the exact same issue.

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Same here, I found the same “solution” but it’s not a proper one: no automatical scrolling, anyone else?

If you want to use a gallery with code within Wix, then DO NOT USE any gallery that is a Wix Pro Gallery. This is because the Wix Pro Gallery app is a Wix app and you should not be trying to interject it with code as the app can simply ignore it or override it.

As for the Slideshows, you can already use code with that as shown in the Wix API Reference.$w.Slide.html$w.Slider.html$w.Slideshow.html

However, providing your site is not too heavy on load and you do not have lots of images on your page and they are all small file sizes for example, then the simple slideshow with all your needed images already saved into the slideshow itself, should run perfectly fine and carry on by itself if you have the loop toggle set to on.

Or you can do it yourself through using html/css/js in a html iframe.

Or search the forum for previous posts about the same thing.

@naama-t-l How did you make the logos all the same size? Were you able to do through Wix or did you resize before you added them?

Old post being closed, please add a new forum post with a link to refer back to this one rather than bumping up an old thread.

For your issue look at using Image and fitMode.$w.Image.html#fitMode