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I have created a client portal within my website. I offer Virtual Assistant services and I’d like the Client Portal to be the place my clients go to enter tasks for me to work on. I’d also like to be able to enter tasks, documents and project updates for each of my individual client’s review. I’ve hit a snag in my attempt to add private content that only the intended client can view. I believe the problem I’m having is with the permission settings. I do not want one client to have access to another client’s tasks, docs, etc. Nor do I want one client to be able to view notes, docs, tasks, etc. that I have entered for a client other than them.

As it stands, the only way for me to enter new client specific content, I have to be logged in as the client. This won’t work for me, because once my clients are using the portal, they’ll have the ability to change their passwords which will prevent me from ‘impersonating’ them within the portal.

I hope this makes sense and that someone out there is able to give me some ideas about how to make my portal a functional, project management platform!

My website address is

If you still can’t figure this out. Contact me in about a week or two. Maybe we can swap code for work. (I could work on your site with you, you can share different codes that you have so I can feature on my videos). :slight_smile: Let me know if this is something you might be interested in.

I’ve figured it out (mostly) by using the “Reference” field type and (with the help of your video’s), filtering. That said, I’d DEFINITELY be interested in swapping code! I was hopeless at coding, but I’m like a pit bull when I get started on something, and I’ve finally started to get the hang of this! I’m loving what I’ve been able to do with Wix Code so far, and I’d love to collaborate with you!

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Have you had any luck with this yet? I had the same sort of goal for a client dashboard that would function in the same manner as a forum but where the categories were client specific and each category would be password protected. :woman_shrugging: