Code example for custom signup

Hi everyone

I’ve seen this as part of my signup page options (that lets me assign a page for people to use to sign up as a member).

I’m ideally looking to use the wix users method of having people sign up so it’s easier and safer than just having their password and personal info kicking around a database. I’m also wanting to use the WIX members area too for my pages (I know how to do this bit) but I’m wanting to personalize the signup page / login page.

However, the only examples I can find online for videos on Youtube or via the WIX official help center ( ) always take me to this screen as an option to signup:

I look forward to any help anyone could give!

Many thanks!


Hi Thomas,
Can you please clarify what do you refer by “custom sign up”? Which other info about your site members would you like to save?
I’ve started working on an example about Members 2 phase Email Verification and I want to be sure that we’re talking about the same scenario. Which steps do you expect to have?


Hi Tal

Many thanks for the response :slight_smile:

I was wanting to have a personalized signup screen (with the usual, name, email, password and re-type password steps) so I could have my members area and profile pages etc use the {ID} field as part of their address not the {userName} - (My problem is that they can change this) - if they couldn’t it would be perfect!

I’d love to find out more about the email verification once you have an example up and running however!

One of my member pages is an upload post page. Each upload page submits to a collection which then displays on a different dynamic page. I was wanting to have a link on each dynamic page linking back to the posters profile (using Wix Location to e.g. ‘/members/{ID}’) - but I can’t have the link set to an address to a profile because if they change their userName it will change the address to their profile!

(I understand this is a bit of a segue from the original post!) Thanks anyway for any help - but I’m definitely looking forward to email verification post! Would be great if it showed the steps from the initial signup query to member approval once they click the approval link via email.

Keep up the great work. You guys just keep throwing out new things all the time!

Many thanks