Code not Loaded in Code Panel

I have some coding to do on this site and this just happened. I need some help with this. The website’s URL is www . celacademic. com

it is showing that the code not loaded since I added Wix stores on my page. I have removed it and also tried restoring my page to the times when this error didn’t pop up. However, it didn’t work and I need to edit this page. I don’t have the code stored anywhere else.

I tried your site and the code loads just fine (I tried a bunch of pages). You must have deleted the code on the HOME page as it does not have any code.

If you need further details or clarification, I would recommend contacting Wix Customer Care .

Also, when submitting a post, please make sure to follow these guidelines and DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS.

i have codes in my header, not on the homepage. how do i access them. i apologise for not reading the gudelines on posting in the forum. but it was urgent i went to pages which i coded on the page shows the same issue. please help me out.

www .celacademic. com/ conferencevideos /

please try to check thoroughly, because i coded on this page and many others. its still showing code not loaded dialog

I see the code just fine:

You should contact Wix Customer Care for this issue.

Also, you have multiple onReady() functions in your code which is not correct and can lead to unexpected results. Consolidate all of the code in one onReady() function.

Thank you very much, i will contact wix customer care right away

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