Code Tabs not showing

When I try to open Code tab in Wix studio, it’s not showing anytime in the right side (page codes, master.js, CSS and more) disappear and only showing white screen. I’ve been facing this problem since last few days

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@Aquarius_Mike Hey! Be sure to check our Known Issues page or and follow the issue if it’s listed. (You’ll be notified when it’s resolved.) If you don’t see it in either of those places, report it to Customer Care if you haven’t already.
Are you still experiencing the issue? Do the tabs come and go or have they been missing all of the last few days?

It’s fixed. Waited for few minutes after studio loads and tabs works fine but I like the previous code tabs panel style more.
Thanks for your help.

CSS tab not showing - how can I get it to show?

CSS tab only available in Wix Studio Editor. I don’t know if you’re using the classic Editor!