Code that runs automatically without a user

I am trying to have my site do automatic checks on the data in it’s collection based on the time of day and day of the week. Is it possible to do this with wix code to create a section of code that would just run continuously regardless of if anyone is accessing the website? Or do I have to setup a device that will continually make HTTP requests whenever I need an action done? Thanks.

Logan, Wix does not offer that (yet). So we all revert to cron jobs (like easycron). A couple of warnings: authentication is impossible AND for some reason Wix pages, ran from a cron jobs, ALWAYS run at BACKEND (which takes away a couple of possibilities, like reading a URL-querystring (like …?var1=value1&var2=value2).

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Hi Logan!

As Giri said, Wix doesn’t have the option of scheduled triggers.
An alternative would be to use an external service (such as Zapier ) and for that you’ll probably need
Wix-Fetch .
Here is an article regarding accessing 3rd-party services.

Hope that helps.